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A Fresh New Voice!

Vote November 8th

  • Anoka County resident for over 50 years

  • Married for 28 years with 3 adult children

  • Anoka County manufacturing business owner

  • Andover Park and Recreation Commission member

  • Head Election Judge

  • Former Andover Baseball and Andover

  • Fastpitch Booster President

  • Meals on Wheels Volunteer

A little bit about me:


Hello! Here is the link to the ABC Union newspaper with a few questions my opponent and I have answered. I am a Constitutional conservative, and will always support law enforcement, fire and first responders. 

My most common question from residents is about Election Integrity. As a head election judge, I have participated in the election process many times. I can answer a wide range of questions about the election process and procedures currently in place and I am able to bring forward solutions to help residents with their trust in elections. 


Read the ABC Newspaper Article


One thing to keep in mind when reading this article is that my opponent voted against Anoka County remaining a Constitutional County on a Resolution dated May 26, 2020. He will plug in his "strong belief" in the Constitution while voting your Constitutional rights down. Examples like that are exactly why I decided to run. It is time for a change.

Endorsed By Women Lead!


Fiscal conservative


Government Transparency





Public safety


Mental health services that match

community needs


Election integrity


Parks, trails, and recreation


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